Azyria Races for Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play 4th Edition

(Updated March 9, 2019: Version 1.1)

DISCLAIMER: The following races are not intended to plug into a standard Old World WFRP campaign, but rather to provide an alternative species system in an altogether different universe, albeit one with roughly the same level of technology, etc. You could certainly adapt one or more of these to your own WFRP campaign, but don’t expect them to be lore-friendly. They were designed to be internally consistent and relatively balanced in a completely separate fictional world.


Each race uses the standard 2d10 plus the above modifiers to generate starting characteristics. You will note that each race (with the exception of humans) receive +40 in one characteristic, +30 in three others, and +10 in one, while the rest are +20. Humans are a special case, and make up for their somewhat weaker stats with more versatility (two extra starting talents and more fate/resilience points).

These species are less variable than WFRP 4e standard species in terms of Fate, Resilience, and Movement:

RaceFateResilienceExtra PointsMovement

The characteristic bonuses and starting talents are all justified for lore reasons, which will be added in future posts. For now, the mechanics.

Assuming a campaign takes place in the human-dominated Azyrian Empire, the population breaks down as follows:

d100 RollSpecies
1-60Human (60%)
61-73Gnome (13%)
74-85Dwarf (12%)
86-91Rakshasa (6%)
92-96Orc (5%)
97-99Nishachara (3%)
00Elf ([less than] 1%)

Humans start with FIVE random talents generated from the table on page 26, plus TWO of the following (chosen by player): Coolheaded, Lightning Reflexes, Marksman, Nimble Fingered, Savvy, Sharp, Suave, Very Resilient, Very Strong, Warrior Born. (At the GM’s discretion, Humans may choose their five talents from the random table.)

Human starting skills are chosen from among Animal Care, Charm, Cool, Evaluate, Endurance, Gamble, Gossip, Haggle, Leadership, Lore (Empire), Melee (Basic), Ranged (Sling).

Gnomes start with Read/Write and may additionally choose FOUR of the following talents: Bookish, Cardsharp, Dealmaker, Diceman, Linguistics, Numismatics, Orientation, Seasoned Traveler, Super Numerate, Tinker. If the GM wants to use size rules, then Gnomes are Small.

Gnome starting skills are chosen from among Charm, Dodge, Evaluate, Gossip, Haggle, Language (Classical), Language (Khazalid), Lore (Engineering), Lore (Gnomes), Lore (Science), Navigation, Ranged (Sling), Sail, Swim.

Dwarves start with Craftsman (any), Luck, and Night Vision, and may additionally choose TWO of the following talents: Hardy, Iron Will, Magic Resistance, Shieldsman, Stout Hearted, Sturdy, Tenacious. Note that Magic Resistance is NOT required of (Azyrian) Dwarves, and that they may therefore adopt magic-using professions (at the GM’s discretion, of course).

Dwarf starting skills are chosen from among Consume Alcohol, Cool, Endurance, Entertain (Storytelling), Evaluate, Haggle, Language (Khazalid), Lore (Dwarves), Lore (Engineering), Lore (Metallurgy), Melee (Basic), Trade (any).

Rakshasa (cat-folk) begin with Acute Sense (smell) and may additionally choose FOUR of the following talents: Animal Affinity, Attractive, Catfall, Cat-tongued, Distract, Fast Hands, Fisherman, Gregarious, Nose for Trouble.

Rakshasa starting skills are chosen from among Athletics, Bribery, Charm, Climb, Entertain (Acting), Gamble, Gossip, Haggle, Intuition, Language (Eltharin), Lore (Rakshasa), Stealth (any).

Orcs are fucking crazy. They may choose FIVE of the following talents: Berserk Charge, Break and Enter, Crack the Whip, Drilled, Frenzy, Frightening, Hardy, Implacable, Iron Jaw, Menacing, Sprinter, Strong Back, Strong Legs, Sturdy.

Orc starting skills are chosen from among Athletics, Consume Alcohol, Cool, Drive, Endurance, Gamble, Intimidate, Language (Battle), Lore (Orcs), Melee (Basic), Ranged (Thrown), Swim.

Nishachara (rat-folk skin-changers) have a natural ability to change shape, but they require the (entire) skin of a humanoid in order to assume its shape. They are universally reviled in human lands, but are able to pass undetected due to this ability. They start with 2 ranks in Night Vision but have a corresponding sensitivity to sunlight (rules to follow). They also start with Contortionist, and may additionally choose ONE of the following talents: Fast Hands, Mimic, Tunnel Rat. In their true (rat-tastic) form only, they have a limited tunneling ability (rules to follow).

Nishachara starting skills are chosen from among Athletics, Charm, Climb, Cool, Dodge, Intuition, Language (Undercommon), Lore (Geology), Lore (Nishachara), Melee (Basic), Outdoor Survival, Stealth (any).

Elves are incredibly rare in human lands. Opinions differ on whether they are approaching extinction or merely extreme isolationists. They begin with Acute Sense (sight or hearing) and may additionally choose FOUR of the following talents: Combat Aware, Fleet Footed, Lip Reading, Marksman, Night Vision, Read/Write, Rover, Sixth Sense, Tower of Memories.

Elf starting skills are chosen from among Animal Care, Athletics, Charm, Entertain (Sing), Intuition, Language (Eltharin), Lore (Elves), Navigation, Outdoor Survival, Perception, Play (any), Ranged (Bow).

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